Children’s Toilet Seat With Steps

Children’s toilet seats with steps are convenient in that no extra step stool is needed for the toddler to use the bathroom for potty training. In this post, we feature five quality toilet seats with steps that are highly rated by parents.

Children’s Toilet Seat with Steps

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1. Deluxe Training Seat and Step

childrens toilet seat with stepschildrens toilet seat with steps

Featuring cushioned seats and handles, this sturdy childrens toilet seat with steps uses no straps and easily folds for storage. The wide anti-slip floor pads ensure that the seat is secure and your floors are protected. Parents say that their children enjoy using the seat and can climb easily. At just under $25, it is a reasonably priced potty seat with steps. Click here to purchase and for current price.

2. 6 in 1 Portable Potty Seat with Steps

childrens potty seat with stepschildrens potty seat with stepstoddler toilet seat with stepstoilet seat with steps for toddlers

With adjustable height, non-slip floor pads, and 100% non-toxic materials, this toilet seat with steps for toddlers works with all toilet types. It is easy to assemble and folds for storage. It holds children up to 60 lbs. and is listed at under $35. Click here to buy and for current price.

3. Contoured Toilet Seat with Steps

childrens toilet seat with stepspotty seat with steps for kids

This contoured childrens toilet seat with steps features a thick cushion and splashguard, as well as non-slip handles and floor pads. Parents say that it is easy to assemble, clean and store. It fits standard and most elongated toilets. At just under $22, it is a very well-priced toilet seat. Currently, is it one of the top-selling potty seats on AmazonClick here to purchase and for current price.

4. Potty Ladder (3 Colors Available)

childrens toilet seat with steps

This toilet seat with steps for toddler comes in blue, pink and light blue. As with other potty seats on our list, it is height adjustable and features a contoured splashguard. It is unique in that it features a teddy bear on the back of the seat. It is listed at just under $30. Click here to buy and for current price.

5. 3 in 1 Toilet Seat with Ladder

toilet seat with steps children kid

This top of the line children’s toilet seat with steps also functions as a portable potty chair. It works with most toilet sizes (heights 14-16.5 inches from floor to toilet bowl top) and folds easily for storage. It features non-slip pads under the potty seat and on the legs. It also features a splashguard, adjustable step height, and it is easy to clean and non-toxic. At around $60, it is the most expensive potty seat with steps on our list. Click here to purchase and for current price.


Children’s toilet seats with steps ensure that your child is able to safely climb up to an adult-sized toilet and learn how to use the potty independently. In this post, we listed five quality potty seats with steps that will work with most toilets. We also feature other highly rated potty seats in our posts Toilet Seat with Potty Seat Attached, Kid Sized Toilets, Travel Toilet Seat Covers for Toddlers, Cool Potty Chairs, Potty Chairs for Larger Toddlers, Potty Seat That Looks Like a Real Toiletand 10 Portable Potty Chairs for Toddlers.