Kid Sized Toilets

Kid sized toilets offer the convenience of a real functioning toilet but in a size that toddlers and pre-schoolers can use. In this post, we feature five quality kid sized toilets that are easy to install and use.

Kid Sized Toilets

You can click on the titles, photos and links in the descriptions to learn more about each toilet and for current prices.

1. American Standard Baby Devoro Mini-Toilet

kid sized toilets

Made by one of the most well known toilet manufacturers, this Baby Devoro toilet for children by American Standard features a high efficiency and low consumption system. With a 10 inch rough in, it is perfect for small spaces, homes and day-cares. The toilet seat is not included in this model, but the seat that fits this toilet can be found here for around $35. Click here to purchase and for current price.

2. Water Saver Push Button Flush Toilet with Preschool Seat

kid sized toilet

Made specifically for toddlers and pre-schoolers, this toilet for children features a one button flush system and includes a child-sized toilet seat. The gloss finish makes it easy to clean and scratch resistant. Click here to buy and for current price.

3. Child Potty Training Toilet

kid sized toilet

This ceramic child’s toilet is perfect for potty training and also features a push button flush system. The reno-gloss finish allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. It includes a child toilet seat as well. Click here to purchase and for current price. A two-pack is also available to purchase here.

4. My Size Toilet Shaped Potty Seat  (Various Colors)

kid sized toilet potty seat

This toilet shaped potty seat is perfect for toddler to lean how to use the adult toilet. The handle features a flush sound to resemble a real functioning toilet. It features a removable bowl for easy cleaning and a wipe compartment as well. It is available in various colors. For under $30 this is a cost-effective option to a functioning child toilet. Click here to buy and for current price.


Kid sized toilets offer the chance for little ones to learn how to use the bathroom in a real working toilet. In this post, we featured four toilets for children and one toilet-shaped potty chair that work great in any home, nursery, pre-school or child care facility.

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