Toilet Seat Boosters For Adults

Toilet seat boosters for adults add that extra height that is needed at times. These boosters come in several shapes and add anywhere from two to six to the toilet seat. Some of these seats take the place of traditional toilet seats while others raise the height of the toilet and the seat is installed on top of them. Below, we feature several quality toilet seat boosters for adults that have been highly rated.

Toilet Seat Boosters for Adults

You can click on the titles, photos and links in the descriptions to purchase, learn more about each toilet seat booster and for current prices.

1. 4 Inch Portable Raised Toilet Seat

toilet seat booster adultstoilet seat booster for adults

Made of durable plastic with a weight capacity of 400 lbs, this toilet seat booster fits standard round toilets and raises the height of the bowl 4 inches. It is lightweight, portable and costs under $20. It fits securely on top of the toilet and held in place by a lip underneath. Click here to purchase and for current prices.

2. Raised Toilet Seat with Groove

toilet seat booster for adults

Made in the USA, this adult toilet seat booster features a contoured design for added comfort and raises the toilet seat 4.75 inches. It holds up to 275 lbs., and because of its seamless design, it is easy to clean and install. It is portable and fits round, elongated and compact elongated toilets, making it a very versatile toilet seat booster. It holds in place by four non-skid pads and has two undergrips on each side for added security. It sells for around $22. Click here for current price and to buy.

3. Premium Toilet Seat Booster With Removable Arms

toilet seat boosters for adultstoilet seat boosters for adults

This quality toilet seat booster features removable arms and raises the seat 5 inches. It has an ergonomic design for added comfort and attaches to the toilet bowl without any tools. It fits most standard toilets and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The handles are padded for comfort and a locking plate holds it securely in place. It costs around $55. Click here to purchase and for current price.

4. Raised Toilet Seat With Lid

toilet seat boosters for adultstoilet seat boosters for adults

This toilet seat booster for adults is unique among others on our list in that it comes in two available heights (2 inches or 4 inches) and includes a toilet lid. It holds up to 300 lbs and fits most standard sized toilets. It’s priced at under $30. Click here for the 4 inch model and for current price, and click here for the 2 inch model and its current price.

5. Hinged Toilet Seat Booster

hinged toilet seat booster for adultstoilet seat booster for adultshinged toilet seat booster for adults

The final toilet seat booster for adults on our list installs under your current toilet seat and features a hinged design. It adds 3.5 inches to the toilet height and fits most elongated and round toilets. The hinged design makes it easy to clean and maintain. The elongated toilet model sells for around $35, and the round toilet model sells for under $30. Click here to purchase this booster for elongated toilets and for current price. Click here for the round toilet booster and for current price.


Toilet seat boosters for adults offer not only added height, but also a sense of stability and comfort. In this post, we featured five different types of adult toilet seat boosters that have been highly rated by consumers. More models can be found here as well. We also feature quality portable commodes for seniors in our post Portable Commodes for the Elderly and adult toilet seats with child seat built in in our post Toilet Seat with Potty Seat Attached.